Meme Mechanic & Virology of Religion


I would like to thank Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Ray Jennings, arguably the greatest logician alive, from Simon Fraser University (he helped me with natural deductive logic and introduced me to axiomatic logic as well as paraconsistent logic of which he is the founding father of the Canadian school), and professor Jonathan Katz (we discussed intentionality and consciousness pretty thoroughly; he also gave me one of his finest books on philosophy of religion, a real treasure for any serious philosopher of religion) and professor Bill Barthelemy (he helped me with the history of philosophy and we also talked about logical paradoxes in many occasions) both great philosophers from Kwantlen Polytechnic University with whom I discussed many of the ideas that later appeared in the book (e.g. biology of language, intentionality, causality, the importance of logic, and so on).

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