Meme Mechanic & Virology of Religion

My Family

I have many people to thank. My family without whom I would have been nothing. Their constant and unconditional love, support, enthusiasm, and their kind contributions to my life are beyond anybody’s imagination. They have never stopped their love and the intellectual and emotional conferrals to me, not to mentions their huge financial contributions. My mother who is the source of love, an intellectual and scholarly figure for me to follow as well as the source of the deepest emotional intelligence and wisdom in my life, she who comforts me when she talks to me with or without words and teaches me the art of living with the endless radiation of wisdom she posses and the ocean of love to which I return like a river over and over again. My father who is an example of intellectual abilities and professional success for me and many others and a great source of inspiration in scholarly achievements. He who is the pillar of my family and the enormous force behind me and and my siblings’ academic advancements. He who never ends his love under any circumstance and has taught me the art of tolerance. My siblings from whom I learn, every single day indeed, lessons of perseverance in academic life and of course infinite love.

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